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Another sucessful eating day, and it is getting easier to resist bad food as I realize how badly I want to be skinny.

What I ate today:
Turkey Bacon 2 Carbs
Zuchinni 3 Carbs
Turkey 1 Carb
Cheese 1 Carb
Lots of Cashews 7 Carbs
Salad with feta, chicken and articoke 5 Carbs
Lots of Water O Carbs
Diet Snapple O Carbs

And now I am about to go to eat dinner. I decided I am not going to weigh myself for a week because I feel like it should discourage me or over encourage me because either I will get upset about not loosing or get happy that I lost and be tempted to cheat. I think I am just going with the strategy of being strict and knowing I am on a path to loose 25 pounds by New Years and I will do it.
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