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I still got it.

I am on my period which makes me fatter, which in turn makes me sadder because I weigh more then I should because of the retension of water. YUCK!

I have been eating well completely staying on Atkins except for one minor glich yesterday. I gave a pint of blood because there was a blood drive at my school, so after you do it they require you to eat cookies, so I ate 2 mini oatmeal raisin cookies and also a half a cup of apple juice, I walked about a mile that day in hopes to work off a little. But I felt really bad about it but it was nessecary for me to eat and drink that shit so I wouldn't faint after giving blood.

Other then that meals have consisted of a lot of turkey, cheese, nuts, water, salad, peanut butter, whip cream, tea, and that is pretty much it. All Atkins-friendly food, so it is good. I want to loose weight, I want to be skinner now. I hate waiting.

C'mon weight loss, go faster. I wish I didn't eat sometimes.
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