tamakiiiiiii (rubyxtiara) wrote in atkins_support,

baby splurges.

for various reasons, my weight has gone up almost 15 lbs from what it used to be - back in around september, i was 149 lbs and today i am 163. i'm very upset about this, and am determined to get this weight off, and more. my ultimate goal is 130. (i'm around 5'3.)
the atkins diet has worked for me in the past when i've stuck it out, but i'll end up cheating a lot of the time, and giving up. i don't want to do that this time.
do you think that i can do this? lose 30+ lbs?
today would be my 3rd day on the diet, and i haven't been sticking to the strict induction - i've had things like low-carb bagels, 3 bean salads, and fried chicken wings (breaded!). but i figure, with my tendency to cheat, allowing these things would be better than slipping up on candy and ice cream and such, which i have been successfully turning down still...
am i doing alright? will i still lose weight?
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