dying2beskinny (dying2beskinny) wrote in atkins_support,

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Heart Attack

Today was a good day, I had:

Water 0 Carbs
Cashews 5 Carbs
Spinach 2 Carbs
Turkey 1 Carb
Cobb Salad (feta cheese, bacon, avocado, onions and chicken)5 Carbs
More Water 0 Carbs
Tea 5 Carbs

A good day, I am still a little hungry, so I think I will go munch on some cheese and nuts. But I lost another pound.

I am getting to my goal, I will be skinny.

I also am loving the weight loss communties, I love reading about others struggles, it helps that we aren't alone.

I also love this creative visualization, when I looked at the glass of eggnog sitting on the desk that my mother had put there I saw a double chin and requested that it be moved far away from me. It was glorious because I found a way to no longer crave such things.
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