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The first one is really short.

Today I ate:
Turkey Bacon 1 Carbs
Tea 5 Carbs
Yellow Squash with onions 4 Carbs
Diet Snapple Apple 0 Carbs
Cashews 6 Carbs
Turkey 1 Carb
Cheese 1 Carb
Few Strawberries 2 Carbs
Salmon 0 Carbs
Lots of water, I drink about 4 bottles a day, I love it. Everyone drink water it is so good for you.

20 Carbs

Good day, each day in terms of eating seems to be good and I am looking forward to this 25 pound goal. The friends that I have told about loosing weight say if anyone can do it I can which is really encouraging, I didn't tell all of my friends because a lot of them won't support me and will say I don't need to loose weight but I do.

Hope everyone is doing well with their goals.
I need to start exercising but there are not enough hours in the day.
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hey i'm doing the atkins thing myself, trying to lose about 15 pounds or so. i was wondering, does diet coke NOT help with atkins? i heard that water makes for a better choice but i never knew why. is carbonated drinks kinda of stopping more potential weightloss?
Diet coke doesn't do anything but water in general is better for you health wise... like it flushes out your system and it doesn't have all that artificial crap.
thanx so much. i just had heard that carbonated drinks can stop weightloss with low carb diets...

but i do feel a lot better just drinking water.