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The first one is really short.

Today I ate:
Turkey Bacon 1 Carbs
Tea 5 Carbs
Yellow Squash with onions 4 Carbs
Diet Snapple Apple 0 Carbs
Cashews 6 Carbs
Turkey 1 Carb
Cheese 1 Carb
Few Strawberries 2 Carbs
Salmon 0 Carbs
Lots of water, I drink about 4 bottles a day, I love it. Everyone drink water it is so good for you.

20 Carbs

Good day, each day in terms of eating seems to be good and I am looking forward to this 25 pound goal. The friends that I have told about loosing weight say if anyone can do it I can which is really encouraging, I didn't tell all of my friends because a lot of them won't support me and will say I don't need to loose weight but I do.

Hope everyone is doing well with their goals.
I need to start exercising but there are not enough hours in the day.
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