Exergue (esprit_blanc) wrote in atkins_support,

I'm seventeen and weigh around 97 Kgs. Well I'm guessing it's gone up to 100 since I last checked, *sigh*. Let me explain.

About three weeks ago a couple of friends of mine persuaded me to do a strict extreme form of Atkins' diet, not following the conventional 4-phase one described on the official website. They told me NOT to eat any salads or vegetables even (they said that they all had carbs and that fibre turned into carb) and to eat as much as I want of chicken, meat, and well, that's about it. Nothing else. So I did that for three weeks and it went fine. I actually felt that perhaps I was gradually losing weight. More or less everyone that saw me after that while insisted I had started to lose weight.

But then I started PMSing a few days ago and the chocolate craving became too much. It's like medecine for me this time of the month. I literally burn up a fever and feel delerious if I can't get my hands on any chocolate. And so I gave in and ran down to the supermarket where I stuffed my face with chocolate. Since then (Wednesday) I've been indulging: noodles, a muffin, a Starbucks frappuchino, a salad today...

My questions are:

a) Is it ideal that, with my weight, I do the 'extreme' Atkins my friends recommended to me, with absolutely NO Salads/veggies just NOTHING but meat?

b) How difficult is it, after this PMS phase is through, to get back to the diet I was doing effectively for 3 weeks?

c) Is it alright, from now on, if, once a month, I have some chocolate when I get crazy like that?

Would really appreciate sincere responses, thanks in advance.
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