ljthomas (fatgirl76) wrote in atkins_support,

dont fail me now

You all did great giving me ideas for my diabetic son's food needs. Now I need you all again. I am looking for a website or book I could buy or things you have tried yourself. I want wholesome snacks low in sugars (fruit sugars are GREAT!!, but processed sugars are not) that a 5 year old would like. I mean like granolas or cookies. I know you can make things like no bakes with natural peanut butter and other ingredients that are much healthier than the ones I grew up on. Me growing up....boy does that open a whole new can of worms. I wasnt raised eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies so it is a challenge for me to do it to my kids. We are doing great though. Tonight for instance there were 4 fruit and veggies choices with dinner and you had to take 3. Okay, sorry back to topic....ANY help would be appreciated. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

cross posted! Almost forgot - the drs want to limit his bad fats too. Peanut butter, nut fats are okay, but butters etc are frowned upon.
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